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Extra services

Below you will find an overview of all extra services we have to offer :


Our host(ess) can provide you with lunch or dinner. Of course coffee, tea and lemonade can be provided as well.


Carrying out your research at the right location is important. But it is at least as important to know that all goes well during the research process. At our locations we therefore always have a host(ess) present who will welcome the respondents, do the necessary administration, take care of catering, record the interviews, etc. You can always count on our host(ess), so you can concentrate on the study itself.


Your market research may require the presence of an interpreter. The interpreter must always fully convey the speaker's meaning, including all details and nuances, giving the researcher a realistic image of what is being said. Should you require the presence of an interpreter, Inview Locatie BV can arrange one for you.

Laptop and Tablet rental

Market research often requires a larger number of laptops, e.g. to allow multiple participants to take part at the same time. We can provide up to thirty laptops and tablets with internet access for this purpose.

Minutes secretary

In many studies minutes need to be taken. Should you require the presence of a minutes secretary, we can arrange one for you.


Most studies require a moderator: Someone who is independent, who has no opinion about the subject, and whom both the client and the respondent can trust. Should you require the presence of a moderator, we can arrange one for you.

Respondent selection

We have our own consumer panel that consist of all types of respondents and will fit both quantitative and qualitative studies.

If you have any questions about recruitment of respondents, feel free to contact us.

Video Streaming

Our locations allow you to use live online video streaming, which means you do not have to be physically present while the research is being carried out. You can watch online during the survey/interview using our high-quality video connection. The built-in chat function allows you to communicate with all online viewers as well as with a moderator for consultation or feedback, saving valuable time and travel expenses. It is also possible to watch previously recorded surveys.

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