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Market research is at its best when conducted in a room specially made for it. A central location that has easy access to highways and public transport. A location with many possibilities and rooms for all different kinds of research. And finally, a location where all recording equipment is installed. 

Our location is located in the city centre of Amersfoort. The property (on the 2nd floor) is easy accessible for any kind of transportation. As the Central Station is at walking distance, approximately 10 minutes, also any line- and city busses stop right in front of our main entrance. At our A-location, centered on the city ring and shopping area of Amersfoort, we have 6 spacious meeting and research rooms, equipped with a one-way-mirror and elaborate audiovisual hardware.


  • Venue rental, morning
  • Venue rental, afternoon
  • Venue rental, evening
  • Venue rental; morning and afternoon
  • Venue rental, afternoon and evening
  • Venue rental; all day

The location rental includes the following:

  • Use of an interview and viewing room
  • Unlimited coffee, (fruit) water, tea in both rooms
  • Snacks and soft drinks in the viewers area
  • Use of HD audiovisual viewing facilities
  • Use of Ipad to control the camera
  • Use of meeting kit and flipchart
  • Free WiFi

Additional Possibilities

  • Hostess/Host The hours of the hostess/host are calculated from 30 minutes before arrival until 30 minutes after departure.
  • Notetaker The hours are calculated from 30 minutes before the start/after the end of the study.
  • Lunch Sandwiches, salad, orange juice and milk
  • Buffet style dinner Choice of Thai, Oriental, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Greek among others.
  • Recruiting Respondents Let us help recruit the right participants.
  • Interpreter We can provide an interpreter for you, multiple languages available.
  • Interpreter equipment We provide the necessary equipment.
  • Laptop Do you need an extra laptop? We can provide this for you.
  • Live streaming In Amersfoort and Amsterdam we can arrange this for you with our own equipment.
Bar/Lounge Hall

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  • Personal high quality service
  • 6 inspiring rooms 
  • All rooms have natural daylight
  • Airconditioning
  • The right equipment and free wifi
  • Break-out possibilities 
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Perfect reachable, by car as well as by public transport
  • A well-considered, luxurious and warm entourage

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